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Wei-Na Lee, Professor of Advertising at the University of Texas at Austin, has been selected to be the next editor of the Journal of Advertising.  As of August 25, 2010, all new submissions to the Journal of Advertising should be sent to Dr. Lee at

The Journal of Advertising (JA) is the premier journal devoted to the development of advertising theory and its relationship to practice. The major purpose of the Journal is to provide a public forum where ideas about advertising can be expressed. All papers published in the Journal go through a rigorous, double-blind, peer review process.

All research related to the various types of advertising will be considered for publication. This includes advertising effectiveness, advertising ethics, global advertising issues, and methodological issues. In addition, papers that examine the economic, political, social, and environmental aspects of advertising are welcome. Queries regarding the appropriateness of a topic and its fit with the scope of the Journal may be sent to the Editor by e-mail prior to submission of a manuscript.


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